Break A LEGO

It is a contest, it is Olympics, it is play time! This FREE event is for LEGO Enthusiasts, young and old.



Build and bring your own LEGO creation! Make sure you can transport it on the day of the event 🙂

Choose a prize category for your original LEGO creations (not out of the box) and register today!


1) Things that Fly

Spaceship, helicopter, bird, basically anything that flies will fit to this category.

2) Buildings & Structures

Bridge, skyscraper, monument, tower, construct any structure you find fit.

3) Things that Move

Bionicles, cars, mechanisms, what else can you make that moves?

4) Wild Card

Anything! Sword, action scene, character, flower, what else can you think of?

* Limit 2 entries per registrant for Original Creations Contest *


LEGO Olympics:

Besides you are welcome to enter LEGO Olympics where you can play and compete in various LEGO activities. Have you tried building something with your eyes closed before? If you like to participate, please register for “LEGO Olympics” to secure your spot(s). You could register up to 5 people at ones. 

Kids friendly event! We will have a LEGO play station and volunteers to entertain kids.



10:00-11:30am – Display of LEGO Original Creations, LEGO Olympics, and Kids Play time

11:30am- noon – Nominations

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