Photo week is May 8th-10th

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NHCA Soccer 2017 Photo Q&As

  • Date of photo sessions: Monday, May 8th to Wednesday, May 10th, 2017.
  • Location of Photo Session: Harvest Hills Alliance Church 10099 Harvest Hills Blvd. N.W.
  • Photo co-ordinator: Jeannine Nguyen, email:

Parents, it is very important that you know your team number, i.e. U8 – Mixed Team 6, and NOT just the team color. The schedule lists the team numbers and the photo helpers will be using that due to the number of teams with the same color jerseys.

Coaches, please return unclaimed photographs when you return your equipment to NHCA.

Q1. My child cannot attend the photo session, is there an opportunity for an individual photo session?

A1. Yes, if your child cannot attend the session as scheduled, individual retakes can be done. Parents are required to contact the photo-coordinator directly to schedule a time. Contact: Put on the subject line: NHCA Soccer Photos – (Team Number)

Your child’s individual photos may be accommodated during the photo week if you’re unable to attend your scheduled date. Contact the coordinator ASAP.

Q2. My child will not be able to part take in the team photo, can a team photo be redone or rescheduled?

A2. No, there will only be the one opportunity for team photos due to coordination and planning of all players. However, your child can have individual photos done if the opportunity was missed. See answer A1 above.

Q3. I am a coach and cannot make it to the photo session on the date scheduled; can I switch with another team?

A3. Due to planning, coordination and the number of teams, we cannot switch the dates or times because someone does not like their time slot. However we understand there are some scheduling conflicts and will try to accommodate the few requests if there is room in the schedule to do so and with enough notice for parents and players. If you need to request a change in date due to a coach/assistant coach not being there for your scheduled date, please contact the photo coordinator ASAP, and she will try her best to accommodate.

Q4. What should my child wear to the photo session?

A4. Your child should wear the entire uniform including the jersey, shorts, socks and runners. No cleats are allowed in the church because it damages the carpet. We will ask players to remove their cleats. Due to the issues with a few jerseys being too small, we have express ordered some jerseys for use on the photo nights. After photo week is over, we can arrange to make sure jerseys are swapped out or re-ordered as necessary. 

Q5. I would like to purchase some photos of my child, how do I go about doing so?

Q5. Platinum Photography’s photo order form is being sent with the photo schedule and lists all the
available packages, pricing and information. You can print the order form, fill it out and bring it with you to the session and there will be order forms available that day. Please ensure you include the payment, and cheques should be made out to “Platinum Photography”.
Note: Each player will receive a team photo and some individual photos regardless if a photo package is purchased or not, it is part of the soccer program.

Q6. When can we expect the photos to be delivered?

A6. Photos will be distributed the week of June 13th to June 17th to the coaches to distribute to the players the following week.

Q7. We will not be here the week when photos are distributed, what happens?

A7. Photos will be given to the coaches. Please make arrangements with the coach to pick up the photos another time. After the soccer season and if you still have not picked up the photos, please contact the NHCA because coaches will be asked to return unclaimed photos to NHCA when they return the equipment.

Q8. Who should we contact if there are any concerns about the photos?

A8. If you received another child’s photo, please contact the coach first to switch. If the photos you received are the wrong size or quantity, please contact the photo coordinator. Info is above.

Q9. Am I able to go into the photo session with my child?

A9. No, due to the large number of players and people who will be there, parents will not be permitted to go into the photo session. Please be understanding of this.

Q10. What can I expect the day of the photo session?


  • There will be lots of people.
  • Both players and coaches are required to be at the church 15 mins prior to their session. Parents are to drop their child off with the coach and wait outside the church.
  • The session will be approximately 45 minutes including the wait time. We’ve had success in the past years and photos are completed on time.
  • Coaches will wait in an identified area until their players arrive. Coaches should bring their players list, and will be asked to confirm the players’ names on photo cue cards in the wait area. Once ready, they will be lined up and taken to the coaches and players only area, then to the photographer.
  • Individual photos will be done first and then coach’s photo with their child player. Team photo will be done at a different station once individual photos are completed.
  • After the team photo is completed, the coach/assistant coach should go to the station and help identify players on the team photo. At this time either the coach or assistant coach should return the players to their parents. Please do not release the players into the crowd.

Q11. What happens during a power outage?

A11. The photo coordinator will advise on the next steps. Due to capacity constraints of the church, people will be asked to wait outside with their teams. Photo helpers and the photo coordinator will communicate when the photo session will start back up. However, if the delay is too long, photo sessions will be rescheduled for teams that have not had their photos taken. Rescheduling of team photos happened last year due to the power outage with very little issues.

Coaches: Please return unclaimed photos when you return the equipment. Should you want to hang on to the photos to distribute at the wind up party, or an event, that will be okay. However any photos returned in July must go to the NHCA office.


Photo Schedule:

Photography Guidelines:
1. All coaches and players are required to be at the photography session 15 minutes prior to the time listed above.
2. Photography sessions will start at the times listed above, teams will not wait for players or coaches who are late, especially for the 5:30 sessions as it has a domino effect.
3. All players and coaches are to wear their full uniforms to photography session. NO cleats are allowed, please respect this as it is a requirement from the church.
4. Parents are not permitted in the photography session.

Notes to parents:
1. Expect the photography session to ake approximately 45 minutes including the 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
2. Know your team number, ie. U6 Mon/Wed – Team 3 not the color, due to the number of teams with the same color.
3. Ensure you drop your child off with their coach before going outside to wait.
4. You are encouraged to wait outside of the church while the children are in the photography session as space is limited inside.
5. Ensure your child has gone to the washroom prior to the photography session.
6. Parking is limited as we share the lot with church patrons and transit users, please be courteous.

Notes to coaches:
1. Coaches should bring the team list as to ensure their entire team is present.
2. Coaches are required to help their player return to the parent after the session, do not let the kids run off into the crowd.