General FAQs (Kids Soccer Program 2016)

1. Do games get cancelled if it is raining?

Adverse Weather/Cancellations: For the 2013 outdoor season a field marshal will be deciding if weather conditions are bad enough to cancel matches; the decision will be made around 4:30 pm.  Check your email (including your spam folder) shortly after 4:30 pm as all contact will be done through email. You must make sure that your contact email that the NHCA has on file is correct.  If you have not received a cancellation email notice by 5:00 pm, the game is on!  Please do not contact the NHCA office as they are unable to make this decision.

As a rule of thumb, matches will only be cancelled if it is unsafe to play. Examples include (but are not limited to): thunder and lightning, hail, waterlogged pitches. Ordinary rain is not normally considered a reason to cancel.

Please make sure you wrap up warmly and appropriately if it is cold and/or windy. Children can wear hats, gloves, clothing underneath their soccer jerseys or wear long pants underneath (or instead of) shorts. Please remember parents/spectators are especially vulnerable to the cold or wet weather as they are not running around.

2. When is the outdoor soccer season?

The outdoor soccer season for 2016 for U4 through U12 runs from May 2nd to June 24th. For youth soccer (U14 through U18), please visit the Youth Soccer page.

3. When is the indoor soccer season?

The youth (U13 to U17) indoor information can be found here. Younger teams currently play indoor with the Saddleridge community association at Genesis.

4. Where are the soccer fields located?

Maps of the fields are supplied on the Kids Outdoor Soccer Division (U4, U6, U8, U10 , U12) pages on the NHCA website. All of the fields are in the NHCA communities (Country Hills, Country Hills Village, Coventry Hills, Harvest Hills and Panorama Hills) and therefore close by. You will not be required to travel to different areas of the city.

Youth divisions (U14, U16 & U18) should anticipate some travel locally (within the northwest), as part of the ICHL league.

5. When will I be contacted to know what team my child is playing on?

Your coach will contact you via email, probably in April. This is why it is important to ensure that the email address of you and your children is updated in the registration program. The coaches will be depending upon this information in order to contact the children on their team. If you change your email address at any time, please make sure you contact the Soccer Administrator via email: , including details of your child’s name and age group and your new email address.

6. If I volunteered to coach, when will I be contacted?

The soccer coordinator or administrator will contact you with the following information – a coaches meeting where a coaching package and seminar will be supplied, when and where to pick-up the equipment bags and when and where to pick-up the uniforms. The schedules and field maps will be supplied on the NHCA website as soon as they have been produced.


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