1. If I have a problem with the way the coach is treating my child what do I do?

First of all ask yourself if your child is having an issue?  Some coaches come across differently due to their culture, background, or experiences, but how are the other kids reacting to the coach?  If they are all having fun, then perhaps it’s the approach.  If your child is having a rough time with it then approach the coach and let the coach know what helps to get your child involved with the sport.  If that doesn’t work please contact the soccer coordinator, as we want to ensure that both your child and the coach enjoys their soccer experience and will work together with you to find a solution.  Email:  soccer@northernhills.ab.ca or sports@northernhills.ab.ca

2. Should the coach rotate the players?

At the beginning of the season, the coach rotated the players.  The kids all got a chance to play all positions. After a couple of weeks, the coach didn’t rotate the positions any more, and put my son in goal almost every evening. I put my son in soccer because he NEEDS to release energy, not stand around in a goalie net. I got the feeling it was more important for the coach to have a winning team, than it was from an activity and sports standpoint. I felt the coach didn’t take the best interest of the boys into consideration.

This comment came by the way the way of the survey, but it’s an important situation; we are a recreational league therefore it is not our philosophy to set up winning teams and players should be rotating around. As you get into the older age group your child will find a position that they feel more comfortable with and perhaps won’t move around from position so much (some will actually refuse to play any other position).

First – speak to your coach: ask him his thoughts to why?  Perhaps the child asked every time for that position?  Let the coach know your needs?  Please remember if the coach does not know there is an issue, he/she can’t fix it; they are so busy and may just be overlooking the situation. If the situation doesn’t change, please contact soccer@northernhills.ab.ca or  sports@northernhills.ab.ca.

3. My kid didn’t get a right size of uniform and no soccer socks were left.

We always have a few extra socks, so please contact his Age Group Coordinator regarding the socks and we will make arrangements to get you the socks.

In regards to the jersey, each coach tries their best to match up the jerseys they are supplied with to the children on the team.  There are usually 1200-1500 children, so we can’t order definite sizes for every child due to the tight deadlines we have. Over the years we have averaged out the sizes per age group, but if your child is in a growth spurt more so than other children on the team, or is smaller than most of his classmates, then please let us know at the time of registration.  There should be a blank space for health, that you could let us know your child’s size.

4. The coach was not interested in playing with kids.

The sports coordinator needs to know this information during the season and would come help the coach and find out what is happening.

There could be many reasons for this.  Was he nervous and didn’t know what to do? Some individuals took this position late and missed the instruction/training.

Did he have other parents that would help him?  Some coaches need the help as they are so overwhelmed even they are not enjoying the experience.

Please contact the sports coordinator if this happens so we can investigate and help the coach out.  Email:soccer@northernhills.ab.ca

5. There was a volunteer deposit taken but it was a bit unclear how to earn that money back (for those parents who did not have a clear role).

We are able to maintain affordable registration fees due to our awesome Parent Volunteers. All families are encouraged to volunteer and are required to provide a [$100] deposit (one deposit per family) in advance, payable with registration fees.

There are many opportunities to volunteer and get this deposit back, although some may not be with the soccer program as there are so many soccer parents and not enough positions. There are however many other opportunities that you can easily find on the NHCA Eventbrite page.

When parents/guardians sign up for NHCA outdoor kids’ soccer, they are asked to select volunteer roles/tasks they would be interested in. Most of these are soccer program related, but some are not. When you sign up for NHCA Outdoor soccer, you agree to complete a minimum of 5 hours in order to have your deposit returned.

We encourage every family to volunteer, but there is an option if you just don’t think you will be able to. Select “I do not wish to volunteer”, but when volunteers cannot be found, emails will be sent to ALL families.

If you have not been selected for your preferred role, or just can’t make it work with your schedule, there are many, many other volunteer roles available throughout the soccer program and the year in other areas (events, office help, rinks, etc.). If you wish to volunteer for a particular program or event, please check the NHCA Eventbrite page and sign up for the event or task you wish to help out with.

Please remember, as a volunteer, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you complete the Volunteer Sign-In Forms at your volunteer task. This is mandatory to ensure your hours are tracked and your deposit can be refunded efficiently.

If you have volunteered during the soccer season, but have not been refunded by the beginning of August, or volunteered in the fall, but were not refunded by the beginning of December, PLEASE contactsoccer@northernhills.ab.ca or the NHCA office. Please do not leave it until the end of December or the following year!

6. I was extremely disappointed with the lack of coaching and organization on my team.

I felt like the time spent at soccer and almost a complete waste of time as I spent the time getting my son active and involved while the coach did nothing. There was many times during the soccer season that one of the coaches would arrive late to practice and some of those times it was that coach that was bringing the soccer balls with them. This meant the kids were standing around waiting for the coach to arrive.  I also felt that my coach was always willing to stop the game before the kids were ready. It felt like he had somewhere else he would rather be than coaching. I understand that the position is volunteer but don’t volunteer if you aren’t up to the hard task of coaching. I also know that I shared the same opinion as other parents on my team as it was often discussed at games etc.  

This was a comment from the soccer survey (2012) – The soccer coordinator needs to know this information during the season, so please email with details and we will investigate.  Email:  soccer@northernhills.ab.ca

Were there two coaches? Was there a team manager involved? On most teams we have two coaches, so that when things arise the coaches have another individual that could have taken over the game or start the practice until the other one arrives.

7. It is frustrating that the fields do not have washrooms, especially for younger players.

(2013) We tried to order porta potties, but the schools would not allow them on the school fields.  It is very frustrating!!

(2014) U4’s have been moved to Cardel (Vivo), so they are near washrooms.  A group of 10 teams of U6 have also moved to Cardel to help with that problem.

8. The uniforms are great, however, I’d like to be able to turn in uniforms and have them used again.

Due to us having over 1200 children it isn’t possible to organize (lend out) jerseys, we also don’t have any space to store the returned jerseys.  You can return your jersey though, as we donate them to an organization that finds teams in other countries in need of jerseys.

There will be a drop off jersey box at the wind-up.  The jerseys will then be organized and donated

9. We played fewer than 50% of the games due to inclement weather. Start the season a few weeks later, especially for the wee little ones!

(2013) We listened! We have extended the seasons two weeks to make up for lost games, let’s see how it works.

(2014) It didn’t work, children went on holidays, leaving the teams short and frustrated.

10. Have a field marshall call whether the games will go on at a field or not. Leaving coaches make the decision is the biggest hassle of coaching.

We listened!

We will have a field marshal check the fields around 4:30 pm.  If this person deems the fields are unsafe then an email will be sent out to every player.  Please check your email (including your spam folder).  If you do not have an email by 5:00 pm, then game is on.  Please do not contact the NHCA office as they are unable to make this decision.

As a rule of thumb, matches will only be cancelled if it is unsafe to play.Examples include (but are not limited to): thunder and lightning, hail, waterlogged pitches.  Ordinary rain is not normally considered a reason to cancel.

Please make sure you wrap up warmly and appropriately if it is cold and/or windy. Children can wear hats, gloves, clothing underneath their soccer jerseys or wear long pants underneath (or instead of) shorts. Please remember parents/spectators are especially vulnerable as they are not running around.

11. The behaviour from some of the kids and lack of parent intervention really surprised us this year (2012).

We expect parents to step in and discipline their own children; the coach is not a babysitter, and he does not have time to deal with children’s bad behaviour.  If your child is having a bad day, please help and take your child aside and discuss his/her behaviour with them.

12. I didn’t get many emails and in fact had no email in regards to the pictures, what do I do to stay organized with all the events.

  • Please check the NHCA website and Facebook page: we keep important information and schedules on the website.
  • Please confirm your email with NHCA as perhaps there has been a misspelled email in the system.
  • Please ensure our emails are not being filtered into your spam folder. Add soccer@northernhills.ab.caadmin@northernhills.ab.ca and the email address of your age group coordinator to your contacts list as this can sometimes help.

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